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5 Fantastic Uses for Block Bottom Bags

A block bottom bag is not a type of packaging that everyone is familiar with, however they’re extremely useful! Read on to learn the top 5 uses for the bags that tempt and tease, as well as look aesthetically pleasing!

1.       Pretty for Promoting

Block bottom bags are a fantastic way to promote products. How? Well, take a packet of cookies for instance. Sure, everyone is drawn to a standard pack on the shelf, but when they’re in a block bottom bag? That’s a whole different kettle of fish. Block bottom bags give you a snippet of the product; just enough to have you wanting more. With a cookie for instance, you can actually see how good it looks. If that isn’t enough to encourage you to make a purchase, we don’t know what is.

2.       Gorgeous Gift Ideas

Whilst many argue that presentation is insignificant when it comes to a gift, what with recipients tearing open the packaging in record breaking time, we disagree. Why? The way something looks can completely transform its value. Imagine giving a friend a bag of sweets in a paper bag for his or her birthday. It would look like you’ve scampered across to the local newsagents, shovelled some sweets into a bag and been done with it. Present some sweets in a block bottom paper bag and it adds a retro touch. These bags are the ultimate way to beautifully package a present, be it sweets, chocolates or even pasta for those who don’t have a sweet tooth.

3.       Wonderful Wedding Favours

These small tokens are given to guests as a gesture of appreciation for their attendance. Block bottom bags are the ultimate way to display your wedding favours. What can you put inside these bags? Sugared almonds are a classic choice, or for a more modern approach you could fill a bag with chocolate-covered strawberries. Wedding favours presented in this way are certain to cause much oohing and ahhing, which is exactly what you want to hear on your big day!

4.       Posh Party Bags

Times have changed. Whereas before, children would have Tamagotchis and teddy bears, now it’s all about having tablets and selfie sticks. Therefore it’s no surprise that instead of having standard party bags with the latest film characters printed on them, children want posh party bags! Fill block bottom bags with all things nice and those children will feel extra special.

5.       A Place for Your Precious Things

If you’re one to not put things back where they belong, a block bottom bag may be your saviour. Why? Forget putting jewellery in a jewellery box where it’s out of sight and in a place that you probably won’t look! Safely store your jewellery in a block bottom bag. Tie the bag with a piece of ribbon or a string of beading and you’ll have an alternative place to keep your most valuable items. Not only will it look pretty on your dressing table, it’ll save hours of you trying to find that necklace!

Have you been sold the dream? Do you now feel like you need to purchase some block bottom bags? Take a look at our range today and be sure to check out our other quality packaging supplies and solutions.

Infographic: Packaging Waste in the UK

Packaging Waste in the UK

As a country the UK is gradually working at cutting down their annual waste figures. At Charlotte Packaging we try to do our bit by providing recyclable, biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging options to our clients.

Here are just a few of the facts and figures surrounding packaging waste in the UK, laid out for you in a beautifully presented infographic:

Packaging waste in the UK


Get in touch today and find out how your business can lend a helping hand to the environment. We can discuss all of the food packaging solutions available to you. Before you know it you’ll feel fantastic not only about your environmentally friendly products, but about your decreasing carbon footprint too!