In this day and age it can take a lot to stand out in the crowd, especially if you’re a small business. There are so many things that you need to factor in that it can quickly become overwhelming.

Don’t panic.

Let The Leading Food Packaging Suppliers Help You Expand Your Business

Here is a quick ten step guide to help you successfully expand your small food business:

#1 Find another location

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Sounds simple doesn’t it? You want to expand, so the best way do to this is find another location for your business. Every chain restaurant has to start somewhere and your humble business could be the next big thing if you plan this right. Make sure you do your research to find out whether or not the location you have in mind is right for your business.

#2 Keep Branding Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to expanding. You need people to associate each location with the same business and the easiest way of doing this is through consistent branding. Make sure that everything from your menus to your food packaging supplies are the same. This will help to build authority and allow your customers to engage and relate to your business.

#3 Get the Right Staff

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Expanding typically means that you, as the owner, will have to delegate more. You can’t be everywhere at once and, really, you shouldn’t have to be. Hire the best management staff you can find, people who aren’t afraid of mucking in and hard work, and you’ll find the whole process much smoother.

#4 Expand Within Your Expertise

Expansion doesn’t just mean opening up new locations, you can expand your current business model by adding on extra services. For example, if you’re an eat-in/ takeaway deli then you could gain a lot more business by providing a delivery service. With the simple addition of a delivery vehicle and driver, packaging designed for transport and an ordering service you could see your business rapidly expand overnight.

#5 Work ‘On’ the Business Not ‘In’ it


This could mean breaking the habit of a lifetime for many hands-on owners, but rolling up your sleeves and working in the restaurant can blind you to possible expansions. Instead, take a look at your business model, your products, your purchasing, your sales and your standard procedures. What can be improved, changed, developed about your existing business? Once you’ve worked this out you can take the exact same business model to another location and start it up with a proven plan.

#6 Go At Your Own Pace

One of the biggest dilemmas for small businesses is that they grow too quickly, putting a lot of financial strain on the business. When this happens it only takes one location to fail to bring the whole business down to its knees. There can be a lot of pressure to expand as quickly as possible, but in reality you need to take it at your own pace.

#7 Get Reliable Food Packaging Suppliers

Your suppliers really can be the making or breaking of you. Prices that fluctuate greatly can drastically affect your profit margins. You need to be able to get the products you need in the quantity and timeframe you need them in, the larger the business is the more important this fact becomes. Take extra care and effort to find suppliers who are efficient and reliable and you’ll find that expansion is much simpler.

#8 Get Online


In this day and age, being online can be the difference between the success and failure of a business. Even if you don’t sell products online – like most small food businesses – a website is a great way to tell more people about your product, share directions to your location, extend brand awareness and talk about your company. If you’re not on social media then this is something that needs to be quickly rectified. People love connecting with brands over social media and if used correctly you can catapult your business into the limelight with creative campaigns.

While it is always easier said than done, if you’re looking to grow your small food business then these 8 steps could be all you need to expand. Read more about how you can streamline your business here.

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