coffee bag personalised

There’s always time for a cup of coffee, and caffeine fans across the globe will be celebrating the third International Coffee Day this weekend.

A global celebration of coffee’s journey from farm to local shop, International Coffee Day is a great time to celebrate what we all love about coffee and those who help to make it.

Our location of South Wales is home to a large range of independent coffee houses and roasters. Introducing us to the joy of artisan coffee, the journey from bean to cup is a particular passion of these artisan coffee houses and the talented baristas who love coffee as much as we do.

As bespoke coffee packaging providers, we work with many coffee roasters and shops, provide a range of unique coffee (and tea) packaging solutions.

A recent example includes:

A bespoke block bottom side gusset coffee bag for the Fine Food and Cheese Company. We absolutely love the green panel with hand drawn coffee bean illustration.

For further details on our range of bespoke bags for coffee contact us on 01495 741589.