We’re celebrating National Doughnut Week at Charlotte Packaging!

Now in its 26th year, National Doughnut Week was established by independent baker Christopher Freeman of Dunn’s Bakery in London.

The fundraising event is the perfect way to enjoy a sweet treat and raise money for The Children’s Trust, the National Doughnut Week charity of choice.


Our Solo bag is the perfect way to keep a doughnut fresh and tasty, and is available in both brown and white. The eye-catching, bottom gusseted bag allows the product to stand unaided on a shelf, with a clear window enabling product visibility to catch the eye of the customer. The bag is heat sealable, making it ideal for packing single items like doughnuts and other bakery items such as cookies, buns and confectionary.


The film lining minimises grease from seeping through, ensuring that your packaging looks appealing for longer.

A larger version of the Solo bag is available for bigger bakery items.

Contact us on 01495 741589 to find out more about our range of packaging for bakery items and sweet treats.