Sandwiches are perhaps the most famous British invention, with whole days set aside to celebrate their popularity.

This typical lunchtime treat is thought to trace its origins back to John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. In 1762, he asked for meat to be served between slices of bread, and the traditional snack was born.

And the most popular sandwich fillings in the UK? The humble cheese sandwich tops the list, closely followed by the classic ham sandwich, then chicken and finally, salad.

Whilst the sandwich might be a simple and ideal snack to eat on the go, this doesn’t mean that the way it is presented and packaged needs to be boring.

Whether you’re catering for a small crowd or looking to wow the masses, these ideas to achieve creative sandwich packaging are set to inspire!

Box and paper:

Bespoke boxes lined with greaseproof paper are an ideal way to package and transport hot sandwiches or those overloaded with filling. These are also popular with street food vendors and upmarket fish restaurants for delicious treats such as lobster rolls.

Paper and sticker:

A popular sandwich packaging solution, greaseproof paper sheets are an effective way to securely keep sandwiches and their contents intact. Paper sheets provide food businesses with the perfect opportunity to wrap their products in their logo, and when topped off with a sticker, you’ll have a professional advertisement for the delicious sandwich resting within.

Thin paper strips:

A simple, pared back way to secure sandwich fillings, this greaseproof paper also gives retailers another opportunity to promote their brand to hungry office workers.


Film wrap:

A durable alternative to paper packaging, film wrap made from polypropylene, cellophane and polythene can be made to fit sandwiches of any size or shape. Custom printed versions provide a great platform for bespoke sandwich branding.

Glassine paper and string:

An artistic look perfect for a rustic sandwich, using waxed parchment paper or glassine paper gives customers a sneak peek at what treat lies inside. We particularly love how these sandwiches are secured with brown string and finished with a handwritten brown paper label providing dietary information.

Charlotte Packaging provides a range of paper and film sanwich packaging options. Our experienced team will advise you on the correct material and option for your product, providing a tailored service for your bespoke order. Whether you’re looking for simple bakery-style bags or a more stylish solution for transporting an entire lunch option, our range of baguette and sandwich bags make for a practical and personalised statement.

Recent creations for some of our clients include…


Lunch Co

For further information on how Charlotte Packaging can help with your bespoke, personalised sandwich packaging needs, contact us on 01495 750311.

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