The highlight of the packaging calendar, Interpack 2017 is an innovative and exciting time for businesses who are looking to expand upon both their packaging and branding ideas.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what 2017’s biggest packaging exposition has in store for us.

A Stronger Chain



Interpack is the only packaging expo which gives you the chance to get an insight into the entire value chain at one trade fair. From food to beverage, confectionary to bakery, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, non-food and finally industrial goods, you can find it all under one roof in Dusseldorf, Germany this coming May.

In all, there will be 18 exhibition halls all packed (mind the pun) with innovative designs and tailored solutions that will help bring your brand to a worldwide audience.


Alongside the incredible range of ideas and assistance, the packaging trade show has proved to be an invaluable opportunity to make new connections, and maybe even pick up a few clients along the way.

With over 170,000 specialist visitors from over 190 countries, you’ll have no better opportunity to grow both your company and clientele.

If you’re a typically British or European business, this may be your opportunity to take your services across the pond or even worldwide as over 71 partners from 172 nations are scheduled to partake in this year’s Interpack.


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The Logistics

If you’re looking to attend one of this year’s most enthralling packaging trade shows, then tickets are on sale now.

For a one day, advanced registration tickets cost £44 (or €52), whereas an onsite tickets would cost £55. For tickets to the full three day event, advanced entry will cost £90 (€105), whereas an on the day purchase will see you spending just over £110.00 (€130).

These prices do include transportation to and from the expo via Dusseldorf’s public transportation, this consists of buses, trains and trams that run regularly throughout the city.



So, whether you’re big, small or medium sized business just looking to expand that little bit more, Interpack 2017 may be your chance to break into the worldwide market, or simply show off your achievements and help the little guys out.

Whatever your motivations, you can find out more about the international packaging event of the year here.

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