When it comes to owning a deli, café or eatery, sandwiches really can be your bread and butter. However, you may need to make a few changes in order to really make them stand out and look great. The delicious inside counts but choosing the right sandwich packaging is equally important.

What does it take to make a mouth-watering sarnie? Here’s everything you need to know:

Fresh Produce


Nobody likes stale, soggy sandwiches. No, people want the freshest ingredients possible to make their butties the best. Make sure that you’re using freshly baked bread, soft and tender meat, and lusciously green veg and other ingredients. This doesn’t just make sure that your sandwich tastes amazing, it also gives you a selling point that will help to attract new customers.

Go Organic

In addition to being fresh, people like their food to be organic as they know that there’s no nasty preservatives being used in your produce. While you don’t have to do this for everything, being able to add the term ‘organic’ to your labels will increase your potential audience and even allows you to increase the price for a better product.

Fill Them Up


There is nothing more annoying than biting into a sandwich and finding that the filling only goes halfway through. Make sure that you load those sarnies up with filling, giving your customers something that they will truly enjoy. The more they enjoy their lunch the more likely they are to come back, and everyone knows that repeat custom is better than single purchases.

Classic Combinations

There are a few sandwiches that are absolute classics and shouldn’t be messed with, make sure that you have these in your inventory. Classic sarnies like ham and cheese, tuna mayo or beef and mustard will be your real earners here. Make sure that you have the people’s favourites in stock before adding in a few of your own designs.

Offer Customisation

If you work in a deli, then being able to offer your customers a sandwich of their choosing is one of the biggest attractions you have. Make sure that your customer can build their ideal sandwich choosing everything from the bread to the filling and whether they want them hot or cold. Not only does this reassure your customers that everything’s made fresh, but it gives you a great opportunity to talk to your regulars. Some people have very strange tastes as well, so this allows you to cater to them making sure that they’re drooling over the very idea of your sandwiches.

Perfect Your Packaging


You should never underestimate the importance of good packaging. Not only does this ensure that your sarnies are displayed in the best possible way, but it can also help to contain the mess, stop hands from getting greasy and even keep items like toasties warm. There are lots of different types of sandwich packaging out there and picking the perfect one for your needs can be a little bit tricky.

Make sure that you’ve customised your packaging with aesthetically pleasing branding, without neglecting the practical nature of packaging. People will always remember poor packaging, so if your customers are left with a mess on their shirts, hands and lap then they’ll probably be hesitant to return.

Not sure on the best packaging for your needs? Get in touch with Charlotte Packaging today, thanks to our years of expertise we know exactly how to package your products to maximise their attractiveness, freshness and marketability.