Food packaging challenges are discussed every year at the MeetingPack event, an international meeting for the packaging sector organised by AIMPLAS and AINIA. The meeting is due to take place on 30-31st of May at Feria de Valencia and is the third edition of its kind.

Here you can learn the current challenges facing the food packaging industry, all of which will be analysed at this event.

The Development of Innovative Barrier Materials

The last edition of this international meeting brought together over 300 experts, and MeetingPack 2017 is set to be bigger and better, covering a range of exciting developments and topics.

MeetingPack 2017 will focus mainly on the development of innovative barrier materials. In fact, the central theme of the event is ‘Convenience: driving barrier innovation’. Why? Well, there have been big changes in consumer habits since the turn of the century which, in turn, has resulted in the growth of prepared packaging solutions.

Therefore, barrier packaging needs to be continually developed and adapted in order for processed foods to be delivered to consumers in ideal conditions. Innovation is, of course, the key to meet the convenience criteria that prevails in the purchase decision.


Reducing Food Waste

Another challenge that will be analysed at Meeting Pack 2017 is the objective of reducing food waste by increasing shelf life, without overlooking food safety and sustainability criteria.

A number of world leaders in raw and barrier materials will present the new materials they have developed and discuss the importance of using materials that increase both the shelf life and overall safety of food.

While other topics will be broached at MeetingPack 2017, you’ll have to go along to the event yourself to find out what else this important global meeting in barrier packaging and materials has in store for you this May.

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MeetingPack 2017: An Essential Event for the Entire Food Packaging Value Chain

Whether you’re a manufacturer, entrepreneur, technician or other professional in the food packaging industry, MeetingPack is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. While unfortunately, you’ve missed out on the early bird fee, you can still register for the event here.

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