Cold weather, dark nights, and of course, Halloween. Those are the elements that define the month of October, and as it sneaks upon us it’s vital to be prepared.

With Halloween comes the age old tradition of toffee apples. They’re sticky, messy and delicious. Kids everywhere will be begging their reluctant parents to buy the seasonal treat, and many will end up making a complete mess.

In order to put anxious parents at ease, many companies will attempt to package the gluey sweet as chaos proof. Unfortunately, many resort to old fashioned packaging that does nothing to hinder the turmoil.

Thankfully, there are some materials on the market that can aid the tumultuous situation, and even better, we’re here to break it down for you.

Cellophane sheets


Made from wood pulp, the completely biodegradable cellophane sheet is perfect for avoiding that toffee apple anarchy.

They come with varying degrees of coating which can block out the rather sickeningly sweet odour of the toffee coated treat as it threatens to fill up your home or car.

While most companies opt for a packaging material that has a tendency to attach itself the sticky toffee coating, cellophane is much less likely to ruin the best part of the Halloween goody due to the specific coating available.

Slit seal bags


Allowing for differentiation between the front and back of the bag, slit seal bags are perfect for packaging the toffee apples, while also providing ease of access.

With a thickness of 30mic, the cellophane film sheets allow for an extra layer of protection between product and wherever an overly excited infant decides to store his yummy treats until they’re finally given permission to devour.

Given that it’s also resealable, if the challenge does prove to be too great, there’s no risk of getting the sticky substance all over the car seat. Instead, parents can just pop them back between the safe boundaries of the film sheets.

Back seam bags


If you’re looking for packaging which offers increased product security alongside the ability for child-friendly, fun designs, then back seam bags are most definitely the perfect combination of both.

The titan construction of the back seam bag allows for that extra layer of security and peace of mind for parents who want to avoid a toffee apple disaster.

The added layer can also appeal to the aesthetics as it allows the product to stand alone unaided when placed on a shelf. Perfect for some Halloween happy advertisement.



As well as being 100% biodegradable, Natureflex adds an extra layer of environmental consideration by also being compostable.

While some packaging may compromise design for the added environmental benefits, we have combined both aspects in order to meet the needs of individual businesses. Especially those having to deal with the risk of sticky toffee fingers!

Natureflex can also be heat sealed, which means parents can have a little bit more say as to when their hyperactive toddlers can get their hands on even more Halloween sugar.

PLA film


Taking into consideration the fact that the vast majority of toffee apple patrons will be children, the fact that PLA film is completely non-toxic is something to be utilized this coming scare season.

While the packaging doesn’t compromise on design or reliability, the focus on consumer safety is an added bonus as sticky toffee is renowned for attaching itself to the surrounding materials.

And we’re sure that sugar hungry children aren’t going to let any of the sticky substance escape that easily.

The non-toxicity of PLA will most definitely ease the mind of any parents worried about the chemicals used in production.


While clowns, super villains and ghouls will be out to scare us this coming Halloween, hopefully our toffee apple packaging will mean the sticky substance won’t be the fear-inducing factor for parents.

Keeping products safe is what we do, even from hyperactive, sugar hyped juveniles who want nothing more than to devour what’s hiding inside.

For more information on how our products can help you, take a look at a few of our blogs below. Otherwise, Happy Halloween from us at Charlotte Packaging!


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