Personalised packaging is one way to draw customers to your brand. Why? It’s a novelty. People will become more engaged with your brand if the product they’re purchasing is personalised, particularly Millennials or Generation Y!

These individuals will share photos of their personalised purchases on social media and will be more likely to support your brand going forward. Take a look at our pick of the most successful personalised packaging campaigns.

Coca-Cola: Share a Coke

As if Coca-Cola needed to attract more customers. According to the leading beverage company, more than 1.9 billion drinks are consumed in more than 200 countries per day. However, the brand implemented the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in the UK in 2013, trading the Coca-Cola logo for the most popular names in the UK. The campaign was a hit, with over 150 million personalised bottles sold.

This successful marketing campaign encouraged consumers to buy personalised bottles and cans and share them with friends and family. It worked. On their website, Coca-Cola said: “we were totally overwhelmed by how many people picked up our personalised bottles and cans and used them to create and share stories, selfies and special moments with us.”

Nutella : Your Nutella, Your Way

When Nutella decided to introduce a personalised labels campaign in 2014, fans went wild. The much-loved hazelnut spread decided to up its game, providing Nutella fiends with the opportunity to personalise their jars for a limited time only.

Consumers simply needed to buy a promotional jar of Nutella, visit the official website to type in their name and submit the on-pack code in order to receive their personalised Nutella. Seems like quite an effort just to have a name printed, right? Well, not if you’re a hard-core Nutella lover. Excited fans jumped at the chance of having a jar of their favourite spread personalised. In fact, it was Ferrero UK & Ireland’s biggest ever promotion, proving that the ‘Your Nutella, Your Way’ campaign was truly effective.

Marmite – Facebook Campaign

In 2015, Marmite offered consumers the chance to personalise the 250g jars with their name or the name of a loved one. The customised jars were available to purchase through a Facebook app, hosted on the company’s Facebook page.

The personalised packaging campaign was such a success that the brand decided to continue providing customers with the chance to get their hands on a personalised jar of the British spread, introducing Mother’s Day jars and personalised Valentine’s Day jars. What started as a limited edition Facebook campaign is now a permanent service available on the Marmite website.

The personalised Marmite jars retail at £4.99 which, although may seem steep for the nation’s favourite toast topper, people seem to love rather than hate!

Oreo – ‘Oreo Colorfilled’

Oreo decided to have some fun with their packaging design by putting it into the hands of their consumers. While people couldn’t personalise the packaging with their own names, they could create a completely unique cookie wrapper.

Consumers were able to visit the website and choose from exclusive, holiday-themed black and white designs, cleverly created by graphic designers. After selecting a design, users were able to freely colour in the package using a palate of pre-designated colors. They were then able to add a personal message and add a festive touch to the Oreo logo by includes scarves, hats and antlers.
Oreo Colorfilled was a limited edition and, as you can imagine, Oreo fans in the US loved this exclusive experience. Unfortunately, this strategy didn’t make it over to the UK!

Introduce Personalised Packaging into Your Brand

Personalised packaging has worked wonders for fizzy drinks giant Coca-Cola and go-to breakfast spread Nutella, so why not consider using personalised food packaging for your brand? By personalising your products, you’ll effortlessly make your brand stand out from the crowd. Attract more customers by applying this simple but effect engagement strategy to your packaging design.

If you’re looking for personalised packaging solutions, check out our range of high quality products today. You’ll be spoilt for choice by the variety of styles we have available, including custom fast food packaging. Find the perfect packaging to suit your needs and customise it as you wish.

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