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Picking the Perfect Food Packaging Suppliers

Food Packaging Suppliers; Have you found the right one?

Finding the right suppliers can be extremely difficult. Thanks to the internet, increased transport links and cheap products from abroad your options are almost unlimited.

That said, not every supplier is the same. If you require a food packaging supplier who reliably delivers high quality products time and time again, then it pays off to do some research before deciding on one.

Here are some of the things that you should be looking for:

Great Selection of Products

Food Packaging Supplies | Charlotte Packaging

You don’t want to have to go all over the place in order to quench your packing needs. Find a supplier who deals with most of the products that you require – not only will this save time, but you can get much better deals and build a strong relationship with them.

Highly Reliable

If you haven’t got the materials you need to package your products then it becomes impossible to sell anything. Make sure that you choose a food packaging supplier who is able to deliver the products you need in quantities you desire. While you do have to take into account the turnaround time for bulk orders, the supplier should be able to provide you with stock all year around without fail.

Easy to Talk to

Food Packaging Suppliers | Charlotte Packaging

Never underestimate the importance of being able to call up your supplier to place an order or make changes to your existing order. If your supplier is abroad then this can be a very costly, time consuming process that has the potential for error due to language barriers. Find a supplier who you can easily get in touch with and who understands your needs.

Packaging Specialists

Some suppliers simply sell packaging, others specialise in it. The key difference here is that a specialist will understand exactly what type of materials you require for your intended use. This is a godsend if you’re unsure about the suitability of the product you want to order or if you’re looking for alternative packaging to help you stand out from the crowd.

Experienced Suppliers


Image: Imagina under CC 2.0

In this industry, experience is everything. Food packaging suppliers who don’t deliver a great product don’t last very long. If a company has years of experience under their belt then you can rest assured that they are a supplier that businesses trust to provide them with high quality goods at reasonable prices.

Recommended Lists

Are there any government recommended lists for your industry? If this is the case then why not start here to find the best supplier for your needs? In order to make it onto this list, they will undoubtedly have had to meet certain points of criteria. This means that you don’t take such a risk choosing one of these suppliers as they have already proven their credibility.

You could also go to exhibition that allows you to see the type of products and quality that the supplier provides. Charlotte Packaging are currently at the NEC Farm Shop Exhibition with our range of products from block bottom paper bags to film sheets – why don’t you drop by?

Best Prices for You

Everybody loves a bargain and food packaging is no exception. Finding a supplier who offers bespoke tailored quotes on all their goods is a great way to get the best prices. Some suppliers provide limits on how little or much you can order, with prices varying greatly depending on the quantity you require. Building up a good, long-term relationship with a suppler may mean that you always get the best prices when placing an order with them.

Want a food packaging supplier who embodies all the above? Come talk to Charlotte Packaging today, based in South Wales we have over 40 years’ experience in providing a range of industries with the best quality packaging solutions. Find out what we can do for you by calling us today on 01495 741 589, or alternatively leave us a message here.

Coffee Packaging: The Best Coffee Beans in the World

Five Of The Best Coffee Beans In The World

The quest is always on to find the best ever coffee beans, but with so many out there it is a very daunting task. Luckily for you, Charlotte Packaging are here to help you find beans that you otherwise may never have even heard of!

Some people might say that the best coffee is down to personal choice and to a degree they would be right, but some beans are extremely desirable. Here are all the beans that will make your mouth water, your caffeine levels rise and your knees tremble with excitement:

#1 Luwak Coffee

Perhaps you’ve heard of this as civet coffee? Either way, these are the most expensive coffee beans in the world selling at around $160/lb. In recent years it has gained huge popularity, despite the rather unusual method of production. Unlike other coffee Luwak coffee is made by first being consumed by a civet (a type of mongoose), after the beans have passed through the digestive system the normal production process takes over.

Coffee beans

Luwak-Katze in Kepahiang” by Leendertz

There is some controversy surrounding the production of these beans, due to the production method, but now there are many steps being taken to ensure that the animals are treated well.

#2 Hawaii Kona Coffee

While there is coffee grown all over Hawaii (interestingly the only US state that produces these beans) Kona coffee is without a doubt the best. It’s grown 2,000 feet above sea level in the fertile soil that’s found on the side of volcanoes. This produces a rich, light and delicate taste that’s married with a complex aroma that’ll leave coffee lovers drooling.

#3 St Helena Coffee


This coffee has an entire island that’s found 1,200 miles off the coast of Africa. What makes this coffee truly special is that it was the favourite of Napoleon Bonaparte, who sowed seeds himself. It isn’t the cheapest coffee around and is often billed as one of the rarest, but if you can find it and afford it then you’ll be treated with a rich, floral and wine-toned flavour.

#4 Jamaica Blue Mountain

These coffee beans have one of the best reputations and for good reason. Grown in Jamaica’s Blue Mountain area, the coffee typically has a blue-green colour and features an intense aroma that will definitely get you out of bed in the morning. What makes this coffee very special is that despite the intense smell, it carries a very mild flavour with a district lack of bitterness.

#5 Bourbon Santos

Brazil produces the majority of the world’s coffee, so it is surprising that there are very few specialist, high-quality beans. Of all the beans produced here only two really stand out – Santos and Rio. Out of these, Bourbon Santos coffee is the best in Brazil providing a smooth, mild flavour with a good aroma.

#6? Your Coffee

While beans contribute greatly to the overall taste of the coffee, it is the roast that makes the final difference. For this reason, even small speciality coffee blenders can make a coffee that will blow your mind. With the right coffee packaging, a little bit of advertising and the perfect blend your coffee could be the next best thing!

Have you mastered the art of the perfect roast? Are you looking for the best way to present your beautiful beans to your customers? We have 40 years of expert knowledge in packaging solutions, get in touch or meet us for a coffee and we can help you find the best food packaging solutions for your business.

Dressing to Impress: Food Packaging

Packaging is extremely important. Why? Well, in addition to personal tastes and habits, the appearance and aesthetics of food packaging for instance, hugely affects the consumer purchasing decision. Without even realising, we pick up items in the supermarket based on what they look like; a picture on a box of cookies is more likely to grab our attention, particularly if the cookie appears to be oozing with chocolate. Oh how fickle we are.

You know how the saying goes; never judge a book by its cover. However, it’s far easier said than done, and when it comes to purchasing products, that’s exactly what we do – judge by the exterior! Here you can learn why dressing to impress is important in the world of packaging.

Looks are Everything When It Comes To Food Packaging

Tea Packaging block bottom paper bags block-bottom-cellophane-bags

When it comes to choosing a product, looks count. The appearance of a product is what grabs the attention of a consumer; it doesn’t have a bubbly personality to sell itself like us humans do at interviews, it only has its packaging to work its magic. Therefore, it’s important to launch a product with a packaging that is effective in poaching customers.

According to research, 64% of consumers try a new product because the packaging caught their eye on the shelf. So what do you need to do? Ensure that your product stands out on the shelves. Whilst eye-catching and stylish packaging may be costly, it’s well worth it for the extra sales. When research is basically telling you that this is what consumers look for when they’re quickly scanning supermarket shelves, you’d be silly not to invest in quality packaging.

Be sure to create a unique package for your product that expertly balances design, form and function. Personalised paper bags can leave a lasting impression on your customers. You’ll no doubt stop shoppers in their tracks and thank that you chose the right food packaging suppliers.

Brand Association Equals Customer Loyalty

coca-cola Pepsi

Brand association is something we’re all guilty of. When we’re looking for a cola drink, most of us will opt for Coca-Cola or Pepsi, (depending on how sweet your tooth is) and it’s the same with baked beans. When stood in front of shelves stocked with various types of bakes beans, Heinz undoubtedly will be your number one choice. Why? You look for a brand you recognise.

If your wish is to build customer loyalty, you need to gain a strong sense of brand identity through the packaging of your products. Make it a priority to establish good branding for your product which will, in turn, grant customer loyalty.

Practicality and Durability are Essential

food-packaging  sandwich packaging

Practicality is a consumer’s best friend. Consumers want products that they can grab and go; they don’t want to spend time standing in an aisle reading a label to see what something is. They’re busy people after all.

So what do they want? Products that flaunt clear and concise labelling with key information that will enable them to make a purchase decision in seconds. It’s important for your packaging to be to the point.

Whilst practicality is key, durability should not be overlooked. It’s crucial for packaging to withstand wear and tear (how to package a sandwich) for as long as the product is in use; failure to do so will result in unhappy customers who will be less likely to buy your product again.

When deciding on packaging, be sure to consider longevity, protection, storage, dispensing and ethical disposal.

So, now you know the importance of dressing to impress with product packaging. Fancy investing in personalised paper bags to sell your products? Look no further than Charlotte Packaging and be sure to check out our other quality food packaging solutions or get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.