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Film Sheets

Finding the right film sheet can be tricky, but thanks to the huge selection of products and wealth of industry knowledge, Charlotte Packaging can cater to all your needs. We produce film sheets made from polypropylene, cellophane and polythene which can be made for any size and shape.

You can purchase these sheets either plain or printed, perforated or non-perforated and can be packed to your unique specifications.

Styles of Film Sheets Available

Each material has its own specific benefits and uses, making the correct material selection vital. The variations on film sheets that we provide include:

  • Clear, white and pearlised polypropylene
  • High gloss polypropylene sheets
  • Film perforated in P1, 8, and 160
  • Cellophane sheets
  • Metallised films
  • Polyester and Polythene sheets

These come in many shapes and sizes and can be custom printed giving you a great platform for your business’ bespoke branding. Get in touch with us today to find out more about minimum quantity information.

Uses for Film Sheets

Popular uses for our film sheets includes:

  • Interleaving or overwrapping
  • Discs for burgers
  • Food wrapping
  • Sheets for flowers
  • Decorative coloured cellophane sheets
  • Wrapping cooked meats, fish and cheese
  • Covering fresh meats or baguettes
  • Wrapping sticks of rock
  • Wrapping paint brushes and lampshades

Want to find out more about each type of film? Give the team at Charlotte a call today and we’ll happily use our 40 years’ experience in the industry to ensure you have the best possible product for your needs.

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