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How to Make Your Packaging as ECO friendly as Your Products

Discover A World Of Biodegradable Packaging Options

Times are changing and more and more people are realising that we need to start looking after the environment. This change has brought with it a wave of new companies who deliver a wide range of ECO friendly products, covering everything from socks to computers.

Despite this however, many companies still deliver these environmentally friendly products in traditional packaging. While it may not completely defeat the point, it does take away slightly from being eco-conscious. So what can you do to make your packaging more ECO friendly?


Don’t Package It

Asking whether your product really needs to be individually packaged can not only cut down on your carbon footprint, but is a clever way to minimise your costs. Some companies wrap every little thing in plastic covering and use Styrofoam in every little nook and cranny. Often this is completely unnecessary, adding to both your costs and waste.

There are three different types of packaging, so why not see if you can cut down packaging in any of these stages:

  • Primary – the packaging that the customer sees. Typically if you are using packaging then it serves a purpose and needs to stay, can it be minimised in any way? If not can you use recyclable materials?
  • Secondary – these are cases or boxes used to contain the primary products in the distribution or bulk sale stages. Can you get away without this type of packaging? If it is boxed do you need plastic wrapping on it as well?
  • Tertiary – this is the packaging used for bulk transport, typically pallets and plastic wrapping. Can you use reusable or recyclable packaging at this stage?

Put Your Packaging on a Diet

Take a look at your existing packaging. Is it big and bulky or has it been tailor made to perfectly fit your product? If you aren’t able to completely cut out your packaging then chances are you may still be able to minimise the amount of packaging you use. By cutting down on extra packaging and ensuring that you’re only using necessary packaging, you can save costs while providing an eco-friendly packaging solution to match your product.

Use Recyclable Materials

It isn’t always possible to completely get rid of packaging, but it is feasible to use recyclable materials in their place. Replace plastic with cardboard or paper wherever possible. This is a more renewable source and doesn’t have such damaging effects on the environment. It is also possible to use organic items for certain packaging solutions, for example textiles made from organic and responsibly sourced materials can be a good alternative to plastic bagging.


Packaging with Alternative Uses

Why not try to use packaging solutions that can be repurposed after their intended use? This can drastically cut down on landfill waste and even give your products an additional appeal. While it is possible to reuse normal plastic carrier bags, increasing the longevity, quality or practicality of your packaging can make a huge difference when it comes to going green.


Investing in Biodegradable Packaging

You don’t have to change everything in order to make a substantial difference. In fact, by just investing in biodegradable packaging you can help to dramatically reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Unlike traditional packaging solutions, biodegradable packaging can break down into CO2 and H2O in just 45 days rather than spending decades slowly decomposing.

One of the biggest benefits of doing this is that you don’t actually need to change the way in which you’re currently using packaging. All that you need to do is substitute traditional plastic packaging with polylacticacid film or natureflex film, which are made from renewable sources and are completely biodegradable.

Charlotte Packaging have a wealth of experience working with a range of businesses to provide them with the best quality packaging. If you’re trying to make your business more eco-friendly and profitable then find out your options today and feel great about it!

takeaway packaging

5 Fast Ways to Turn Your Takeaway Business into a Success

Life as the owner of a takeaway business is hard. You’re up against all the big names in fast food as well as competing with all the other small and midsized businesses in your area. This means that you need to make your business as appealing and profitable as possible.

How can you do this without spending big cash? Here are five frugal ways to make your takeaway a real success.


#1 Figure Out Pricing

There’s a very, very thin line between being competitively priced and turning a profit and as a takeaway owner you need to find out exactly where this is. With fast food restaurants, pricing plays a huge part in your success – too cheap and you’ll go broke, too expensive and you’ll lose customers.


Take some time to work out how much each meal costs to make, factoring in the price of the ingredients, cost of fuel, salary of the chef and price of any packaging like greaseproof paper sheets. Once you know exactly how much each meal costs you can work out what kind of profit you want to make from each sale. This sounds simple, but you’d be amazed by how many people skip this step.


#2 Find the Best Suppliers

Being able to choose quality and quantity is key to success, but finding the right supplier for this can be difficult. It always pays off to scour the market to find out the standard that every supplier offers and then pitch quality against price – DO NOT simply go for the cheapest supplier; it may seem like the best option but often the cheapest suppliers also provide the lowest quality items and may not provide the best continuity.

fast food packaging

For obvious reasons, your food packaging suppliers should provide you with great quality products, but don’t forget your packaging! This is the first impression that your customers get, so you should be doing everything possible to ensure that it’s a good one. Good quality fast food packaging can make a huge difference to your business and it doesn’t have to cost the earth either.


#3 Target Your Customers

Who are your customers? If you’re constantly serving beer bears then your service will have to be completely different to if your customer base is mainly health freaks.

This means that you should be looking at changing your menu in order to provide a range of products that will sell like hot cakes. You should also phase out items that aren’t particularly popular, helping to cut loses due to wasted stock while increasing your sales by creating items that your target customers will want!


#4 Widen Your Delivery Area

Do you currently deliver? If not, this is a great way to expand your customer base as people love being able to order food from the comfort of home. Already delivering? Expand the area that you deliver to, even if it’s just by 5 miles you will be surprised by how many additional customers you’ll have calling for a takeaway.


Be careful here however, as having a delivery area too large can mean longer waiting times and even food that’s cold upon arrival. Do a couple of test runs to certain areas before opening this up as an option. Remember, it pays off to invest in good quality hot boxes to keep the food tasty until it reaches the destination.


#5 Promote Yourself

This may not strictly be a ‘fast’ was to enhance your takeaway, but once in place you should start to see results very quickly. Get on social media, build a website and start getting your customer’s phone numbers and email addresses. Keep your customers updated on any special offers, discounts and anything else that’s happening in store.

Another approach is to use a third party website like Just Eat to bring in more customers. This isn’t a free service, but by using approach #1 to running your business you can adjust prices and profit margins enough to reap the rewards.
Finally, remember to always look at your business from a customer’s point of view. If your competition offers something better then you should try to match or better them, but without risking damage to profits. Following all these tips will help put you on the road to success. Get in touch and let’s discuss how you can maximize the success of your brand.

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8 Ways to Increase Your Small Food Business’s Profitability

Increase Your Profitability With Expert Food Packaging Suppliers


It doesn’t matter if you’re a mobile catering service, an independent food retailer, a small coffee company or operate a chain of restaurants, profitability is key. If you aren’t making money then it won’t be long until your business goes under, leaving you with nothing. This is why it is vital that you make sure that every penny is doing its damnedest to work well for you.

Need some inspiration for more ways to increase your business’s turnover? Here are some ideas that you may not have thought of:

#1 Adjust your prices

Obvious right? Increase your prices and profit goes up, but won’t higher prices mean that you’ll lose customers? No.

If you adjust your prices by around 3% you’ll see a significant increase in profits, while the average customer will hardly notice the difference – it’s pennies for them, but potentially thousands for you.

#2 Cut your supplier costs

Have you got the best deal with your suppliers? Finding good food packaging suppliers or manufacturers can be hard and getting top quality products for low prices is also difficult. But take your time to find out who produces the best products at the best prices and you’ll be golden.

#3 Expand your menu


Is one of the items you have the best seller by far? Why not try and create several different variations of this product and expand your menu? It’s likely that you already have the majority of the items you require, making it very cost effective. Even offering a greater range of sizes can see your profits rise!

#4 Invest in better quality product

In the food industry, people will always pay more for greater quality. While this is a case of spending money to make more money, quality doesn’t always have to be expensive. Look around for the best sources with reasonable prices and you may find that there is hardly any difference when compared to what you were previously paying.

#5 Increase visual appeal

block bottom cellophane bags

If you sell foodstuffs or operate a takeaway business, then packaging appeal can play a huge part in increasing sales and making sure people remember you. For example, using custom printed block bottom paper bags to package your coffee/ tea/ sweets/ etc. can give it a prestigious feel making it much more appealing to your customers.

#6 Market yourself

Many new businesses don’t realise just how much difference marketing can make, which is why there is often very little or even no budget for it. This doesn’t have to be anything big or flashy you simply need to get your name out there as much as possible – even printed carrier bags can help market your business.

#7 Offer Special Discounts


Do you have seasonal products or need to shift stock relatively quickly? Offering these products at a discounted rate can ensure that you still break even or make a small profit on items that would otherwise return a loss. People love the idea of a bargain, so discounts are a great way to pull in customers you may have otherwise missed out on.

#8 Reward loyal customers

This may not be something that every small food business can offer, but it is a great way to keep the customers rolling in. Offering a points system, based on spending or visits, can give you a regular income and a reliable customer base as well as encouraging more customers to return. While this can dip into your profits for that visit, you more than make up for it during their other visits.

We have a wealth of experience working with a range of businesses to provide them with the best quality food packaging, from block bottom paper bags to greaseproof sheets, at the best prices. If you’re trying to make your business more profitable then give us a message and find out if Charlotte Packaging can offer you a better quote today.