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The Beauty of Minimalistic Packaging

When it comes to designing your packaging, it can pay off to go minimalist. While some companies think that cramming their packaging full off call to actions, overcrowd it with pictures and providing as much info as possible is the way forward – we can assure you that often, this is not the case.

Standing Out vs Being Obvious

This is something that minimalistic packaging does brilliantly. Everybody wants their product to jump off the shelves at people, but with so many companies going for bold, bright colours the audience has become blind to this.

minamalistic cheese packaging

Interestingly, the less you now have on your packaging the more it will appeal to the audience. They will be intrigued by the subtle packaging, the sleek design and the to-the-point message your product delivers.

Hint of Elegance

You could have one of the most common products in the world, but with the correct packaging you can transform it into an elegant, luxurious item. Take coffee for example, a product that can be bought in any store at a range of prices – packaging them in block bottom paper bags with a minimalist logo and text gives it a much more bespoke and luxurious feel.

By subtly adding character and warmth using very small and basic techniques you can interact with your audience on a much greater level. Instead of them seeing you as a brand, they relate to you more like a boutique on a personal and intimate level regardless of how big your business is.

Let Your Product Sell Itself

If your product is really that awesome, why shout about it – let it speak for itself! Minimalist packaging means that you don’t have to rely on creative sales pitches, expensive advertisements, celebrity endorsements or special offers to sell the product. Instead you package the product in a way that makes it as appealing as possible to your audience without forcing it upon them.

minamalistic jar packaging

The less faff and hassle there is surrounding your products, the better the quality of it will appear. This means that you could start competing for the top spot in your niche, all thanks to cleverly designed minimal packaging.

Make it Reusable

People like to reuse and upcycle products and if your packaging is elegant, high quality and with a minimalist design then this is much easier. While this may not be your end game with your block bottom paper bags, it could work to your favour and help to generate increased custom through your upcycled packaging. If there is a possibility to take your minimalist packaging and create an alternative use for it then this could be a huge bonus.

Easily Differentiate

Have you got several different variations of your products? With minimalist packaging it is incredibly easy to differentiate between your products by simply changing the colours of your lettering – i.e. red font for regular coffee and blue for decaffeinated.

minimalistic paper packaging

Alternatively, you could have a singular, specific image on your packaging that changes slightly to represent the different product while maintaining your brand image. This allows you to be a bit more fun with your designs, letting you tell a story through your products and inject a bit more personality into your designs.

It’s important to note that the minimalist approach may not work for everyone, but with the right design and work being put into the project this can work brilliantly. If you’re thinking of changing your approach to packaging then talk to Charlotte Packaging today.

Eight Epic Packaging Fails

Have you ever looked at an item and wondered who on earth gave the OK to sign off that design? While sometimes companies do this to create controversy others simply do not think. To show you exactly what we mean, here are a selection of packaging fails that should have been spotted before they went into production:

Packaging Fails Your Need To Know About

Balls Up

packaging fail 1


The idea here makes sense, people want to be able to see the balls they are purchasing. However, cutting out a hollow right in the middle of the player’s bosom probably wasn’t the best idea now was it? This is a classic case of a good idea not going well, so always remember to check your product before putting in into production.

Oh no it isn’t!

packaging fail 2


Food packaging suppliers aren’t immune from a packaging mistake either, and this one may be simple but it is definitely a huge blunder! How anyone could mistake sweetcorn for a watermelon is unfathomable. While technically the packaging is fine, plenty of people have had a laugh over this mislabelling error.

Umm, no thanks…

packaging fails 3

Kate Raynes-Goldie

Why on earth would this be considered a good idea? It isn’t appealing, it doesn’t sell the product and it isn’t even done in an obviously funny way. If you are going to try and be a bit controversial then at least have the decency to do it right!

Poor Font Choice

packaging fails 4

Via @serenaeryan

Sometimes you can just be too close to a project to see that something a little bit wrong. This is a poor font choice that can easily slip past anyone without a dirty mind or a keen eye. Always remember to get a second opinion on your food packaging design before putting it into shops!

Wrong again!

packaging fails 5

Via @signit_diy

Seriously, how do you get this so wrong? Carrots and potatoes look nothing alike… this sounds like a case of improvised food packing supplies to make up for differences in stock and availability. Here’s a tip, make sure your food packaging suppliers can give you the packaging you need in the quantity you need it to avoid issues like this!

So, what’s it for?

packaging fails 6

Via @redditfunnybot

This is actually a really confusing and misleading one that could end the manufacturer in a bit of trouble. Why have a picture demonstrating a use that is not suitable for the product? This is incredibly misleading and should never have got passed the ideas stage, let alone being printed and packaged like this.

Care a Little

packaging fails 7

Via @wildaloe

Knowing your audience is essential and it really doesn’t take much to think that if you’re selling shampoo then you should probably have someone with hair on your packaging… come on now. This is either a clever Photoshop or someone at Head & Shoulders isn’t very good at their job.


packaging fails 8

Via @wiseclown91

Not only does this look ridiculous, but if you’re doing this for every knife then you’ll be wasting a huge amount of money on your packaging. Make sure that you tailor your packaging perfectly for your product otherwise you’ll end up paying out more than you want to and end up with funny looking items like this.

Get in touch today to speak to professional food packaging suppliers who know how to best help your business.

Food Packaging We Couldn’t Live Without Today

Lots of things in the modern era have a regular part of life that we don’t often think about. Things like mobile phones, cars and even food packaging have just become second nature and are no longer appreciated.

To show just how far we’ve come in the packaging revolution, here are a selection of food packaging ideas that would make things a lot more difficult and messy if they didn’t exist:

Individual Portion Packaging

This is something that people just don’t think about these days, if you just want one bag of crisps or a chocolate bar or a single yogurt then you can have it. That’s normal and it makes sense right? Well this hasn’t always been the case, in fact it used to be that the majority of items were provided in bulk – this creates a lot more mess, frustration and uneven portion sizes.

Fresher for Longer

Do you know how quickly products go off when they aren’t packaged in a way that works to keep them fresh? The answer is very quickly. This means that a lot of the products that you have in your cupboards, purchase in the supermarket or keep in your freezer would probably have gone bad before they got to you back in the day.

 tea packaging

By heat sealing packaging, extracting air and using packaging materials that preserve the product’s freshness, you now able to sell and purchase a much greater range of items without worrying about them going bad so quickly.

Greaseproof Paper Sheets

greaseproof paper sheets

What did people do back in the day before greaseproof paper? Seriously, this stuff is so important in everyday life and without it many companies may have struggled to continue to exist. This simple material helps to stop oil and grease from leaking through the paper and covering your hands – a product that the fast food industry heavily relies on.

Carrier Bags

What did people do before carrier bags? Seriously. What did they do? There is no real answer to this, but we can assume they used buckets or carried all their items awkwardly trapped against their body. This is no longer a worry for people as carrier bags were invented to make carrying our shopping a whole lot easier!

Sandwich Packaging sandwich packaging

In this modern age of on-the-go eating, where would we be without sandwich packaging? Whether that’s the little cardboard triangles or the paper bags that keep the bread fresh, these basic packaging items make life so much easier for thousands of people every day and provide the life blood for many bakeries, shops and eateries.

Cook in the Bag

A dinner that is fully prepared for you, all you need to do is pop it in the oven! Amazing! This is literally the stuff of science fiction, but now it is a reality that’s readily available. You’ll often see this product with fish dinners but there are far more applications for it as well – it may not be something that everyone uses, but those who do probably don’t want to live without it.

The Future of Packaging

sauce bottles

Steve A Johnson under CC 2.0

Companies are always trying to get the best out of their packaging solutions and one of the latest developments that’s due to hit the market is ‘permanently wet’ technology. This should mean that you will never have to deal with having large amounts of sauce left in the bottle when it’s empty – that’s an absolute game changer!

If you’re looking for food packaging supplies that your customers won’t be able to live without then talk to Charlotte Packaging today.  With a wide range of products available and plenty of scope for customisation, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.