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How to Pick the Packaging that Excites Customers

Most people wouldn’t associate packaging with being exciting, but that isn’t to say that it isn’t an emotion you can bring out. By carefully choosing your packaging and trying to be innovative with the way it is being used, it could become another selling point of your product.


What makes packaging exciting?

This really is the million dollar question. What can you do that makes customers really enjoy your packaging and want to pick it up and buy it? Something that everyone always says is that your packaging needs to be unique – but what exactly is unique? Almost every type of packaging has been used and you’re hardly going to reinvent the block bottom bag, so what can you do?

  • Be Sustainable – with more and more people becoming eco-warriors, being able to say that your packaging is made from sustainable products you can place yourself ahead of the competition. Not only that, but you actually are doing a good thing for the environment so you should feel pretty good about that too.

Why not tweak your design slightly to really emphasise the impact of choosing sustainable materials? Facts and figures can help to sway a customer into making a decision and if they think that buying your product is going to help save the planet then you’re onto a winner!


  • Be on Trend – it is vital that you are aware of what everyone else in the industry is doing and putting your own stamp on it. For example, food packaging is becoming more and more minimalist while often utilising a shabby chic design in order to appeal to their customers.

With this approach, you will need to keep track of what’s happening and regularly update your packaging in order to stay modern. This can take a lot of planning and work, but customers typically respond well to changes in packaging when they’ve been done properly.

  • Use Surprising Shapes – don’t be boring. Just because everyone in your industry typically uses cube shaped packaging, doesn’t mean you have to too. Be different and use shapes that people wouldn’t typically expect like spheres, pyramids or hexagons.


If you find that it simply isn’t practical to use different shapes then why not look into different types of packaging material? Using a distinct material that is unexpected for your product will make it really stand out and be appealing and exciting to your customers.

  • Increased Functionality – packaging doesn’t just have to protect your product, in fact you can add functionality to add huge amounts of value to it. Giving your packaging a function makes it worthwhile regardless of the product. When thinking about the design, look at what you could offer to add to your product and find out the best way to include this feature.


  • Tell A Story – people like to get to know the companies they are buying from, so why not make your packaging stand out from the crowd by showing your story. Alternatively, why not give all the info you need about how the product is made?If you have several different types of product then telling a story through the packaging is a great way to differentiate. This does take a lot of creativity to come up with ways to make each product stand out and be individual, but when done right it can be brilliant for your business.
  • Be funny – people like to laugh and if your packaging can make them stop and crack a smile then you’re doing great! While this isn’t suitable for all products, if you feel as though it would appeal to your target audience then this is something that you have to do. This could be anything from interesting design that’s aimed to be humorous all the way down to having comics and one-liner jokes on the packaging.

If you’re looking at ways to create exciting food packaging then talk to Charlotte Packaging today. With over 40 years’ experience helping a wide range of companies get the best out of their packaging materials, we can maximise your potential and create something that will get your customer’s really excited.

Five Things to Think About with Food Packaging

When it comes to food packaging there is an awful lot to think about. You need to make sure that you’re providing a practical solution, as well as something that’s going to capture your customer’s attention.

So, what do you need to be thinking about when it comes to food packaging?

Here are five of the most important food packaging factors to consider:

#1 Practicality

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about marketing your products, first and foremost you need to ensure that your packaging solution is practical. If your product is particularly fragile then you will need sturdy packaging to ensure it doesn’t break – similarly if you have a greasy product, greaseproof paper can prevent any unwanted leakages.

pizza packaging

People will ultimately choose a solution that is practical and functional, rather than something that focuses solely on appearance and aesthetics. However, this leads us nicely on to the next point…

#2 Attractiveness

Having attractive packaging can be one of your biggest selling points, as it is essentially advertising for your product. While you don’t want to put this before having practical packaging, it is something that you need to take great care over. Your goal here is to package your product in a way that makes it stand out from the crowd, while highlighting the things that make it different from your competition.

Talking to food packaging suppliers will give you a good idea of the current market trends and you may even find clever ways of using alternative materials. Similarly, why not try out several different designs and carry out a test to see which one gets picked up off shelves more? Careful tweaking of your packaging design could be the different between selling out and not being noticed.

#3 Price Point


Some forms of food packaging are more expensive than others, which in turn means that you would have to increase the price to turn a profit. Depending on your product and the price point you are targeting, this could create some issues. Luckily, there are many different materials you could utilize for your packaging, like block bottom paper bags, making it easy to find one that is suitable for both your needs and your budget!

#4 Environmentally Friendly

food packaging

While this isn’t an absolute necessity, there are a huge number of benefits that you will receive by using eco-friendly packaging. This is something that a lot of consumers are looking for from companies, as we are increasingly aware of the damage being done to the environment. You will find a wide range of products that fit this description, from fully biodegradable options through to recyclable materials and even packaging that can be repurposed.

When done right you can use this as an additional selling point for your product, but if you’ve already got a long list of USPs then you can rest in the comfort that you’re helping the environment – everyone’s a winner!

#5 Regulations

Last but definitely not least, you need to ensure that your packaging perfectly meets any regulations required for your products. These may be subject to change, so it is important that you stay on top of them and use a food packaging supplier who can provide you with the information needed to comply with regulations.

Don’t be scared by heat seating or vacuum packaging options, they are much more straightforward than they sound and can help to drastically increase the shelf life of your products. This can therefore make it far more convenient for you to get your products out to retailers and increase your geographical range.

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