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Is your packaging as sustainable & eco-friendly as possible?

It can really pay off to use sustainable, eco-friendly materials as packaging and most companies have already employed this to some degree. However, are you using all the tricks in the book to ensure that your packaging is as green as possible?

Not all sustainable packaging is eco-friendly and vice versa, so what do you need to do to ensure that you really are getting the best of both worlds?

Eco-Friendly Things to Think About

Who are your packaging suppliers? It isn’t just the energy and emissions used in creating the packaging that you need to think about. You also need to consider the carbon footprint of transporting that product from wherever it is in the world. Using local suppliers is a great way of cutting down your output, while helping the local economy and even reducing the waiting time for new stock.


Is all your packaging green? This is something that many companies neglect. Often the customer facing packaging will be biodegradable or made from sustainable materials, however the secondary and tertiary levels may be neglected here. Make sure that you are using green packaging at every level and you will notice huge reductions in your waste and carbon footprint which could turn into real world savings.

How are you printing? Just because the materials you are using are sustainable or biodegradable, if you’re using oil based inks then you can still be damaging the environment. There are lots of alternatives available to you, such as soy based ink, hybrid system ink, eco solvent ink and even water-based ink.

Too Much Packaging

Another thing that you need to look at is just how much packaging you’re using. It may be worth trying to cut down the amount of packaging you’re using and instead focus on containing your products in the most efficient way possible. This can help to reduce the overall bulk, allowing you to fit more units into the secondary and tertiary packaging – again reducing your transportation costs and lowering your carbon footprint.

Why not look into reusable packaging options at a tertiary level? Not only can this save you money in the long run, you can also use materials that offer greater protection than disposable units, and reduce your company’s waste products. Be careful that you don’t remove too much packaging however, as this can cause damage to your products and at a user level can look unattractive and therefore put potential customers off.


Biodegradable vs Recyclable vs Sustainable

There is no right answer for which material is better to use for your packaging requirements. Most biodegradable packaging will decompose into just CO2 and water, making it a great solution for the environment. Recyclable on the other hand allows the materials to be processed and reused again, reducing the amount of new material being needed to produce your packaging.

Unlike biodegradable or recyclable units, sustainable packaging focuses more on being responsibly sourced. This could be replacing a certain number of trees for each tree used or using fast growing materials like bamboo. There are some materials that combine all these factors to create the most eco-friendly packaging option there is, helping to save the planet one product at a time.

Contact Charlotte Packaging here to discuss the many ways you can make your packaging as eco-friendly as possible.

Packaging for Personality: How Would You Look?

We all dress to impress, normally to highlight your best physical features, but what if the tables were turned and we wanted to package ourselves to exhibit our personalities?

Take food packaging for example, companies are constantly injecting personality into their products through their packaging’s appearance. But how exactly would you apply this to yourself?

Packaging for Personality

Firstly, you need to figure out exactly what kind of personality you have. That sounds a bit daft, you’re you surely you know what your personality is – what you really need to do is decide which bits you’d like to emphasise on. For example, are you:

  • Funny
  • Loyal
  • Innovative
  • Healthy
  • Happy
  • Clever
  • Caring
  • Strong
  • Creative
  • Inspirational

And that’s just a taster! Only you know what really makes you stand out as being unique, so pick out your best points and bear them in mind when considering how to package it.

Picking Colours


The colours you choose for your packaging can have a huge impact on highlighting sections of your personality. This means that you’ll need to think very carefully about the colours you’re choosing. Here’s a quick rundown on how people perceive colours:

  • Red – passion, strong will, bold, ambition and energy
  • Blue – trust, dependable, strong
  • Yellow – optimism, clarity, warmth, happiness
  • Orange – friendly, cheerful, confident
  • Purple – creative, imaginative, clever
  • Green – peaceful, growth, healthy
  • Grey – balance, neutral, calm

Mixing colours together can help you to maximise the impact of these traits, highlighting contrasts within yourself i.e.: matching grey and red to show that while you’re passionate and have energy, you can balance these emotions and remain calm.

Material Type

You may not think about it, but the material you use can say much, much more than anything visual. For example, wrapping yourself in a burlap sack isn’t going to be as pleasant as adorning a silk robe. This is something you really need to think about, are you rough and ready or are you more elegant and defined?


If you’re thinking food packaging though, nobody uses silk to wrap food – but your choice of wax or greaseproof paper sheets, block bottom paper bags or cellophane wrap can speak volumes. For example, if you opted for a block bottom paper bag you’re happy to be the centre of attention, you can stand up for yourself, are dependable and can easily adapt to other purposes.


This is your time to shine. You get to pick out images, words or designs that really highlights exactly who you are – so what’s it going to be? Some people may opt for nature imagery, cartoons, real photographs, bold word and even abstract art. All of these say something very different about who you are, so it is essential that you choose the right type of graphics.

Just like other factors, this will take a lot of consideration to find the graphics to represent you, your image and the personality you want to convey. Think about graphics like tattoos, you wouldn’t just slap any old tattoo on your body, so why add graphics without really thinking about it? Look at all angles, get second opinions and carefully decide where you want everything to go before you take it one step further.

Apply this to Your Food Packaging

Your product is you. It’s what you do, who you are and what you’re trying to get across to your customers. So, treat your food packaging as if you were planning on wrapping yourself up and selling you, rather than your product.

By taking this approach you will end up with a product that oozes with personality, stands out from the crowd and really represents your business! If you need help deciding on any specific type of food packaging then talk to Charlotte Packaging today – with over 40 years in the industry, we know a thing or two about creating brilliant packaging solutions.

Why Should You Care About Food Packaging Design?

When it comes to making your product, you undoubtedly go through an in-depth process to ensure that every aspect of it is as good as it possibly can be. Considering that you spend this much time and money on ensuring that your product is as good as possible, doesn’t it make sense to do the same with your packaging?

Why Should You Really Care About Packaging Design?

Because people judge books by their covers! Sure we get told not to do just that, but at the end of the day it is what gives you the first impressions of a product. If your packaging looks tacky, cheap and nasty then chances are people will avoid your products rather than search them out – regardless of how good they actually are.

You need your food packaging to be just as good as your product to help it fly off the shelves. The more appealing and standout your design is, the more likely it is that people will pay attention to it. Carefully and cleverly designed packaging can be the difference between your product being in high demand or sitting on the shelves till it expires.

Beat the Competition

Regardless of how much time and research you put into making your product as amazing as possible, you will undoubtedly come up against tough competition. One of the easiest, and least expensive, ways of getting one up on your rivals is to ensure that your packaging is better than theirs!


Get away from the convention within your industry, experiment with new materials, different packaging types or simply use creative design to give your product a competitive edge. Even simple things like switching to block bottom paper bags can make your products far more appealing than your competitors, without costing you a fortune in advertising.


Have you ever bought a product and then struggled to actually open it? You tried pulling, tearing, biting and then finally had to resort to scissors. Yeah, that’s poor packaging design and it can actually put customers off buying these products. Sounds daft, but this is such a common problem that Amazon allows customers to filter results by “frustration-free packaging” to give them the best possible experience.

If you’re struggling to get repeat custom, then it may be worth looking into how functional your packaging is. As silly as it sounds, tricky, annoying or difficult packaging could be preventing you from retaining customers and it may be time for a change!

Provide Information

Everybody likes to be able to make an informed decision about the products they are buying and packaging is the best way of doing this. Legally you need to alert customers to potential allergies (like nuts) and provide information such as the ingredients, but in addition to this you can also provide a narrative telling your customers more about the product.


Having a huge block of text on your packaging is unsightly and can put people off your products. However, a little bit of design flare and a touch of creativity and you should have aesthetically pleasing packaging that provides all the information your customers want and more.

If you want to get the most out of your food packaging talk to Charlotte Packaging today. With over 40 years as a leading packaging supplier, we can help you find the perfect material and design for your specific needs.