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Market Food Packaging Around the World?


Here in Britain our trendy new street food markets may utilise paper plates, cardboard boxes and plastic cups, but what do the authentic street food markets around the world use? From Bangkok to Cape Town, Delhi to Barcelona, we’ll take a look at street food packaging solutions from more exotic climes:

Or Tor Kor Market, Bangkok, Thailand

For the taste of something new, head to the centre of Bangkok where you’re sure to see foods you never knew even existed. As a one stop shop for everything you could ever need to make traditional Thai dishes and modern cuisine alike, you’re sure to be fascinated by the exotic fruits neatly wrapped on a paper plate for freshness. And the durians in paper look especially tasty.

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Printed Packaging for Conference Catering: Impress with the Best



When trying to entice clients or potential customers, many businesses invest in branded swag like pens, keyrings or notepads. Some organisations even use promotional food, like branded cupcakes or bags of sweets in the company’s colours. But what happens when the food is covered to maintain its freshness? Here at Charlotte Packaging, we may have the solution.

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