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Gourmet Food Packaging Ideas



Eating food should be an experience, not just a necessity, and the best way to advance that experience is to ensure the food is beautifully presented. Luxury food packaging can contribute enormously to enhancing the eating experience for a number of reasons. Not only does it immediately make a statement of high quality and show off the product in its best light, it’s also a way to communicate what your brand is about. We’ve seen many new materials develop over the years, and here are some ideas about how to package your gourmet food.
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Improving Your Hygiene Score: How Better Packaging Can Help



After a voluntary scheme in 2010, businesses are now required by law to display their food hygiene scores to customers.

The act, which came into full effect in 2013, has proven popular with customers and businesses alike, as scores have gradually risen, and the threat of food poisoning, or other related illnesses have fallen.

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Top 5 Tips for Perfecting Your Fresher’s Fair Packaging

Fresher’s Fair is the perfect opportunity for enticing new customers, and establishing your business as a hub for students.

So, how can packaging help you get the most out of this opportunity? Let’s take a look.

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