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The Perfect Fast Food Packaging for Burritos

Our new range of off-the-shelf greaseproof sheets is cleverly named ‘Go EAT!’ for a reason. The attractive packaging is ideal for wrapping up a range of foods, including burritos, which you can enjoy on the go!

Here you can discover why this printed greaseproof paper is a winning option for your fast food business.

The Go Eat Range

An Eco-Friendly Option

These sheets are made from 100% paper pulp, making them environmentally friendly. Forget wrapping your food in polystyrene boxes, our ‘Go Eat!’ range of sheets is ideal.

If you choose to use paper sheets to wrap your food, you’ll effortlessly enhance your business’s profile. How? Well, it’s a selling point. People love to do their bit for the environment and will take pride in buying food that’s served in eco-friendly packaging.

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Paper Pag Alternatives: 5 Great Uses for Paper Bags

paper-bagRoutinely overlooked, the good old paper bag has become a staple of the British kitchen, often accompanying breaded goods as your mum struggles through the door after her weekly food shop.

But did you know there’s more to the paper carrier bag than meets the eye? Here are ten innovative uses for recycling this reliable papyrus.

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