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Packaging Your Perfect Toffee Apple Tasties


Cold weather, dark nights, and of course, Halloween. Those are the elements that define the month of October, and as it sneaks upon us it’s vital to be prepared.

With Halloween comes the age old tradition of toffee apples. They’re sticky, messy and delicious. Kids everywhere will be begging their reluctant parents to buy the seasonal treat, and many will end up making a complete mess.

In order to put anxious parents at ease, many companies will attempt to package the gluey sweet as chaos proof. Unfortunately, many resort to old fashioned packaging that does nothing to hinder the turmoil.

Thankfully, there are some materials on the market that can aid the tumultuous situation, and even better, we’re here to break it down for you. Continue reading…

Perfect Packaging Ideas for Halloween Sweet Treats

Halloween is lurking around the corner. You know what this means: those trick or treaters will be knocking doors in the hope of receiving sweets.

So, how can you perfectly package your sweets for this spooky time of year? Here you’ll find ideas for creepy and creative packaging solutions to ensure that your sweets go down a treat this Halloween! Continue reading…

Cake Pops and Sweet Treats Galore: Protecting Your Prezzies

cake-pop-packagingCake pops and sweet treats are perfect gifts for thanking, congratulating and celebrating those all-important occasions. There’s nothing more rewarding than that special someone receiving a surprise prezzie, particularly when it’s a delicious baked good, but how can you ensure that these delicious goodies will stay fresh and protected?

Here you can discover how to successfully package cake pops and sweet treats. This way, the lucky recipient will receive a gift that’s fresh and intact. A crushed cake pop or spoiled sweet treat just won’t have the same effect!

Continue reading…