Monthly Archives: March 2017

Mushroom Packaging: What is it?

Fungi packaging; who would have thought that these two words would stand side by side? Well, Swedish retailer giant Ikea revealed last year that it plans to use mushroom packaging instead of polystyrene. Could mushrooms be the plastic of the future?

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The Most Impractical Ways to Present Food

Have you ever felt a pang of disappointment when the food you’ve ordered at a restaurant has been served in the least practical way possible?  While, of course, you don’t want your meal to look like it has been slopped on a plate, you equally don’t want eating to be exhausting either.

Take a look at our pick of the most impractical ways to serve food:

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Egg-cellent Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter eggs have already started hitting the supermarket shelves. While you can’t wait to tuck into your favourite chocolate egg, why not unleash your creative side and choose a plain one which you can decorate yourself? Here you can learn how to decorate Easter eggs with our selection of simple but effective Easter egg designs.

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