Monthly Archives: April 2017

MeetingPack2017: Presenting Current Food Packaging Challenges

Food packaging challenges are discussed every year at the MeetingPack event, an international meeting for the packaging sector organised by AIMPLAS and AINIA. The meeting is due to take place on 30-31st of May at Feria de Valencia and is the third edition of its kind.

Here you can learn the current challenges facing the food packaging industry, all of which will be analysed at this event.

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Interpack 2017: What You Can Expect

The highlight of the packaging calendar, Interpack 2017 is an innovative and exciting time for businesses who are looking to expand upon both their packaging and branding ideas.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what 2017’s biggest packaging exposition has in store for us.

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Seagrass Packaging: What is it?

You know all about mushroom packaging thanks to one of our recent blog posts (if you missed it then you can read all about it here) and now seagrass packaging is making waves in the industry. Learn what seagrass packaging is and how it promises to reduce plastic waste.

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