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5 of Britain’s Most Iconic Food Logos

From a traditional roast with all the trimmings to fish and chips from the local chippy, Britain is proud of its food. The nation is also known for some pretty famous food brands too. Here you can learn the iconic food logos that Britain would be lost without.

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4 Food Packaging Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

When it comes to food packaging, there’s much more to think about than aesthetics. While it’s only natural to think about the overall design of your packaging, it’s extremely important to consider labelling for the purpose of food allergies, as well as illnesses that can be caused by contaminants within the food packing material.

Avoid lawsuits and lost sales by ensuring that you don’t make these food packaging mistakes.

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5 Tips to Effective Product Packaging for Your Small Business

When it comes to designing product packaging for a small business, there are a number of factors you need to carefully consider. After all, you’re a small fish in a big pond, so you need to ensure you stand out from your competitors.

Here you can discover tips that will help you effectively design your own food product packaging for your small business, while making a big impact.

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How to Perfectly Pack Picnic Food

Summer is just around the corner and, as you know, as soon as we Brits see a glimpse of sunshine, we’re heading out of the house in shorts and flip flops. What better way to embrace this much anticipated summer sunshine than with a picnic?

Here you can discover the best packaging for eating outdoors, including picnic food containers.

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