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Street Food Packaging: Our Top Tips

Street food is a booming industry, and not just for festivals. Office workers are getting into the street food spirit, hungry to try different dishes and cuisines from around the world from pop up restaurants and vans outside their offices. Food packaging is also becoming a star in its own right; take a look at our top packaging design tips.

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Charlotte Packaging’s Favourite Places to Eat in Cardiff

The Welsh capital is a modern, fun and welcoming city for all food fans. A destination for fine dining and food trends, we’re lucky to have this diverse location right on our doorstep.

The growth of independent traders in Cardiff is putting the city on the map. From coffee shops to delis, bars and local food focused restaurants, Cardiff’s food scene is booming.

We’re spoilt for choice when we eat in Cardiff. With so many great destinations and new places to explore, here are just some of our favourite places to eat in Cardiff:

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Great British Food Festival

The 2017 Great British Food Festival: Our Favourite Dishes

The Queen, the countryside and fish and chips- there are so many things that are great about Britain, but we are perhaps most admired for great British cuisine.

The 2017 Great British Food Festival is already underway, and combines the nation’s love of great food and drink with some of Britain’s most treasured locations. Nine venues across the UK are hosting the festival this year, with an expected total footfall of 150,000.

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How to Achieve Creative Sandwich Packaging

Sandwiches are perhaps the most famous British invention, with whole days set aside to celebrate their popularity.

This typical lunchtime treat is thought to trace its origins back to John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. In 1762, he asked for meat to be served between slices of bread, and the traditional snack was born.

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