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coffee bag personalised

Grab a cup! International Coffee Day: 1st October

There’s always time for a cup of coffee, and caffeine fans across the globe will be celebrating the third International Coffee Day this weekend.

A global celebration of coffee’s journey from farm to local shop, International Coffee Day is a great time to celebrate what we all love about coffee and those who help to make it.

Our location of South Wales is home to a large range of independent coffee houses and roasters. Introducing us to the joy of artisan coffee, the journey from bean to cup is a particular passion of these artisan coffee houses and the talented baristas who love coffee as much as we do.

As bespoke coffee packaging providers, we work with many coffee roasters and shops, provide a range of unique coffee (and tea) packaging solutions.

A recent example includes:

A bespoke block bottom side gusset coffee bag for the Fine Food and Cheese Company. We absolutely love the green panel with hand drawn coffee bean illustration.

For further details on our range of bespoke bags for coffee contact us on 01495 741589.

hospitality packaging

Branding a business: packaging extras for hospitality businesses

When it comes to hospitality, your packaging needs to be of the highest quality. First impressions count for businesses specialising in hospitality – and the little extras can go a long way.

At Charlotte Packaging, we specialise in bespoke branded items for hospitality businesses.

Focusing on food and guest amenities, we are able to create branded:

  • Butter tops
  • Cutlery packs
  • Platter bags
  • Film or paper soap packaging
  • Labels
  • Coffee cups
  • Plastic carrier bags for laundry
  • Transparent film biscuit packaging
  • Paper napkins

Bespoke branding can help you to nurture customer loyalty, enhancing the value that reflects your unique image. By positioning your brand for success, we can help you make everyday essential hospitality items special.

For further information on how we can help you with bespoke branded hospitality items contact us on 01495 369883.

Abergavenny Food Festival

Foodie fun at the Abergavenny Food Festival

Our favourite food extravaganza is almost here! The Abergavenny Food Festival runs from the 16th-17th September, and is the largest and longest running food festival in Wales.

Created in 1999 by two local farmers to promote confidence in British produce, this inclusive and welcoming event is the destination for the exploration and enjoyment of all things food. The Abergavenny Food Festival brings an estimated £4 million for the local economy and is committed to employing young people.

On our doorstep, the Abergavenny Food Festival hosts a range of product testing, kids activities, masterclasses, cookery lessons and topical debates to transform the way in which we think about food, promoting new ideas and the origins of our food.

A range of food heavy weights are scheduled to be at this year’s Festival, with speakers including Hugh Fernley Whittingstall, Angela Gray and Jay Rayner as well as a whole host of other influential chefs, journalists and commentators.

Alongside the high profile names, the Food Festival will include a Cheese and Wine Market, a Fish and Fizz Market, a Producers’ Market over three locations and a Night Market. We’re also excited to see that Hobbs House Bakery, famed for their hand moulded sourdough, organic and gluten free loaves will be in attendance!

We’re looking forward to seeing and taste testing some of the finest produce from local producers- as well as seeing some of our bespoke packaging in action!

Cardiff Half Marathon

Support Catherine in the Cardiff Half Marathon!

The Cardiff Half Marathon is fast approaching, and our Office Manager, Catherine Morris is taking on the challenge this year!

Training four times a week for her first half marathon, Catherine is running on behalf of MacMillan Cancer Care and is aiming to raise £250.

“I’m really looking forward to the challenge of running the Cardiff Half Marathon on October 1st and have been enjoying the training despite how tough it has been!

MacMillan Cancer Care is a charity close to my heart and I hope to surpass my fundraising target of £250.”

If you’d like to support Catherine send her an email ( or call the office on 01495 741589.

fine food and drink

What should you consider when designing fine food and drink packaging?

Fine food and drink products demand an expectation of quality. And for the customer, the packaging should be as fine as the contents inside.

Food and drink packaging should always reveal and reinforce the quality of a brand, and importantly tell the story of the brand and the item that lives inside.

To make your product stand out from the crowd, innovative design and the provision of a solution for the customer should also be something that you should consider. A premium product, even in a transit box may be required to reflect the quality of the product contained inside. Needs to sell the product as well as keep it safe.

What should you consider when designing fine food and drink packaging?

Market positioning: your product packaging should reflect the market that you are trying to target. Whether you opt for literal packaging reflecting the contents inside or a design that subtly hints at what the customer can expect, it’s important to consider what your market wants through every stage of the design.

Performance of packaging in transit: the quality of fine food and drink should also be matched by the performance of packaging when in transit. The packaging should stand up to the stresses of being on the road or in the air, with manufacturers looking to use the very best design qualities to protect both product and packaging. This could involve use of strengthened material and durable printing as well as meeting hygiene standards.

Demonstrate what makes the product fine: what is it about your product that makes it high quality? Whether it is the ingredients, the production process, brand story or industry reputation, including these USPs within your packaging design and construction is a smart move.

The power of colour: colour is an influential indicator, with many shades linked to customs, traditions and cultural expectations. Selecting the right hue can make or break the success of food packaging.

Government requirements: with any food packaging, the company needs to meet industry and government regulations. Ensure as standard that ingredients, allergen information, use by/best before dates, size/weight and company contact details are included on the packaging.

Choosing the right food packaging can help a fine food or drink brand to raise their customer awareness, creating greater confidence and increased sales. Commercial success is down to many factors, and packaging is one important influencer.

To see how Charlotte Packaging can help with your fine food and drink packaging contact us on 01495 369883.