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packaging for bakeries

Are you a star baker? Our bespoke packaging for bakeries

Baking is a British pastime, and specialising in bespoke packaging for bakeries, we’re always looking at delicious baked treats!

The baking industry is one of the largest in the food category, worth around £3.6 million in the UK alone. The industry continues to grow, and is estimated to have expanded by 9% by 2020. At the smaller end of the scale, the UK has around 4500 small craft bakeries, specialising in a variety of new and innovative baked goods to tempt our taste buds.

At Charlotte Packaging, we work with bakeries, coffee shops and delis, providing bespoke packaging and options for baked goods including bread, pastries, cakes and cookies.

Specialising in film and paper, we provide:

Film sandwich and take out bags: manufacturing a wide range of polypropylene bags, our film sandwich and take out options are ideal for businesses specialising in catering, sandwiches, take out, bakery treats and deli items. Slit seal, side weld and back seam bags are just three of the options we have available.

Paper sandwich and take out bags: with an extensive range of paper bags suitable for sandwich take out, catering, bakery and deli markets, we’re able to produce any size bag to suit your product requirements in an unprinted or custom printed format. Materials include greaseproof, wax and glassine.

Bakery bags: our special bespoke branded bakery bags are available in flat, gusseted, film front, block bottom, two side open or central/side strip window options. Additionally, they can be produced in white/brown kraft, glassine, greaseproof or with a wax or PE coating.

Block bottom paper bags: with a square shaped bottom and a side gusset, the block bottom bag stands upright and is ideal for professionally displaying baked items like cookies, cakes and pastries. All are available with shaped or strip windows to visually promote items, and in white or brown kraft greaseproof.

Sandwich platter bags: these high quality, food grade polypropylene platter covers are resealable and offer a professionally branded, low cost alternative to rigid platter lids.

We also create complete branded ranges for customers, with examples including the line for Ridiculously Rich by Alana, pictured above.

For further information on how we can create bespoke packaging for your bakery business contact us on 01495 741589.

halloween food packaging

Our favourite Halloween food packaging designs

Halloween is a great time to look at some innovative food packaging designs. Alongside Christmas, the holiday is perhaps the most creative time of the year for foodie fans, and we love to feel inspired by some of the spooky food packaging designed and produced by big brands and independent traders.

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custom chocolate packaging

A time for chocoholics: Chocolate Week 9-15th October

The love of chocolate is something we can all agree on, and with 8 million Brits eating chocolate every day; it is safe to say that this sweet treat is a firm favourite in the United Kingdom.

Creating chocolate is not an easy process, with the six stages involving fermentation, drying, roasting, crushing, grinding and conching to release the beans from the cocoa pod.

The UK is in the middle of a chocolate revolution, with many chocolate fans setting up micro operations to create great quality chocolate in small batches. Milk chocolate makes up 50% of all chocolate consumed in the UK, closely followed by dark and milk.

Coinciding with Chocolate Week is the Chocolate Show at the Olympia in London. Taking place on the 13th-15th October, a whole host of events are taking place to celebrate the luxurious treat. A Chocolate Show with chef demos, workshops, tastings, sculptures, pop up restaurants and a chocolate bar will be in action – making it the perfect place for chocoholics to indulge.

At Charlotte Packaging we work with chocolate and confectionary businesses to create bespoke packaging for this sweet treat. From paper sheets to polypropylene bags, our bespoke products display confectionary and chocolate in an eye-catching way and can be fully customised to reflect your brand.

We’ve created laminated back seam bags for Easter eggs, block bottom bags for miniature treats and fully branded opaque bags for Fairtrade chocolates.

To find out how we can create bespoke packaging for your chocolate treats contact us on 01495 741589.