Saving the world always seems like a grand, magnificent gesture that comes around once in a lifetime, but it isn’t. In fact, by simply changing the way you operate your business on a day to day basis you can have a huge impact on the environment.

Not convinced that this applies to your small business? Here are just a couple of biodegradable packaging ideas that you can help to save the world:

#1 Start Using Eco-Friendly Packaging


If you haven’t already, switching to a type of packaging that doesn’t require fossil fuels to make or utilises sustainable sources you can have a huge impact. Biodegradable packaging for business isn’t just recyclable, it helps to minimise your carbon footprint from start to finish. This is something that large companies are already adopting and something that many governments are looking to push – that means that there is often funding available to help your company operate on a more environmentally friendly level.

#2 Consider Bio Degradable Packaging Ideas

The next step from being eco-friendly is to use a packaging material that is completely bio-degradable as this will turn into nothing but water and carbon dioxide. Why choose biodegradable packaging? Unlike recycling, this is completely environmentally friendly with no machinery or process to follow, meaning that if the individual simply throws it away then it will break down cleanly and easily.

#3 Reduce Excess Packaging


How much packaging you’re currently using can also be an issue. Even a little bit of excess should be considered as waste and this is costing you money in packaging, shipping and storage, as well as damaging the environment. Make sure that your packaging perfectly fits your product is the best way to help save the environment, plus you can make your packaging budget go further.

#4 Encourage Customers to Recycle

You’re doing your part, so make sure that your customers are too! Including a recyclable logo on your packaging is a great way to let people know that they can recycle those materials. Obviously, it is important that you use material that is recyclable in order to do this. Always try to use packaging materials that are widely recyclable as this makes it easier for your customers to properly dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

#5 Use Environmentally Friendly Printing


One way you can save the world without changing hardly anything about what you do is to simply switch from oil-based printing. There are many different ways of doing this, from using chemical-free plate-marking, laser printing, organic inks, energy efficient printers, or using printers that use renewable energy throughout the process. To your customer there won’t be much difference in the final packaging, but your company will have made a massive dent in their carbon footprint and will be much more environmentally friendly.

Start today

The sooner you start the more of an impact you’re going to have. Changing from traditional methods of packaging to environmentally friendly packaging solutions doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with Charlotte Packaging this is as straight forward as possible. Consider us your side kick in saving the world and give us a call today on 01495 741 589 or an email here!