Our new range of off-the-shelf greaseproof sheets is cleverly named ‘Go EAT!’ for a reason. The attractive packaging is ideal for wrapping up a range of foods, including burritos, which you can enjoy on the go!

Here you can discover why this printed greaseproof paper is a winning option for your fast food business.

The Go Eat Range

An Eco-Friendly Option

These sheets are made from 100% paper pulp, making them environmentally friendly. Forget wrapping your food in polystyrene boxes, our ‘Go Eat!’ range of sheets is ideal.

If you choose to use paper sheets to wrap your food, you’ll effortlessly enhance your business’s profile. How? Well, it’s a selling point. People love to do their bit for the environment and will take pride in buying food that’s served in eco-friendly packaging.

The Solution to Keeping Food Hot

While a burrito tastes delicious hot or cold, ideally you want to be tucking into a freshly made burrito when it’s piping hot, right? Greaseproof paper is the best way to keep food hot and fresh.

Prevents Leakage

Anyone who’s anyone will know that a good burrito comes with salsa, guacamole (even if you do have to pay extra) and sour cream. Serve your burritos in our stylish sheets and you’ll prevent these condiments from leaking.

Customers can enjoy every bite without their hands being completely covered in the remnants of a burrito.

Aesthetically Pleasing Packaging: Custom fast food packaging

People say not to judge a book by its cover, but it’s only human nature, right? If you serve your food in plain packaging, such as your bog-standard greaseproof paper, it won’t have quite the same effect.

Your burrito may be the best in town, but if it’s not presented in an attractive way, it instantly loses its flavour. Take wine for example. Serve it in anything but a wine glass and suddenly, it tastes ‘off’. Well, the same applies when you serve food. Choose aesthetically pleasing greaseproof for packaging your burritos and somehow they’ll taste even better.


So, are you tempted by our ‘Go EAT!’ range? We don’t blame you. Our greaseproof sheets are available in four eye-catching designs so you can opt for custom fast food packaging to suit your style.

Call us on 01495 741 589 today to find out more about our ‘GO EAT!’ range or drop us a message here! You won’t be disappointed with these eco-friendly greaseproof sheets.

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