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Film Sandwich & Take Out Bags

As a specialist provider of film bags, we manufacture a wide variety of bags in polypropylene, ideal for catering, sandwiches, take out, confectionery, bakery and deli packaging requirements. Our bags can be made to suit the customer’s individual requirements in plain or printed form.

Slit Seal Bags

A slit seal construction provides choice by allowing the front web of film to differ from the back web. The variations on this include:

  • Clear front and back
  • Clear front with white back
  • Clear front with black back
  • Clear front with metallised back

The clear front allows you to easily and professionally display your products, while the coloured backs help to add to the aesthetics. Fully clear bags are great for products that can be placed anyway up i.e. waffles.

Specification options include:

  • Film thickness 30mic front, 40mic back
  • Perforated front, back or both webs of film
  • Perforation available in P1, P8 and P160
  • Re-sealable lip allows for closure
  • Wicketed lip

Side Weld Bags

A side weld construction offering an inexpensive packaging solution used extensively in bakeries, catering and the greetings card and stationery industries. The specification of these bags is as follows:

  • Wicketed for ease of filling
  • Option of re-sealable lip
  • Option of perforation in P1, P8 and P160
  • Bottom gusset

Back Seam Bags

We offer back seam bags with crimp bottom or titan construction. The titan construction uses a tape to reinforce the bottom of the bag, allowing it to hold heavier products and fine powders. This option allows for the back seam bags to stand upright unaided on a shelf. Options for our back seam bags include:

  • With or without side gussets
  • Perforations P1 and P8
  • Material choice of polypropylene or cellophane

Want to find out more information about any of our film sandwich or take out bags? Give us a call today on 01495 741 589 or contact us here and we’ll happily match our products to your requirements.

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