Have you ever noticed how sweets aren’t quite the same as they were when you were young? Back then new chocolates and candies were being brought out all the time, some were brilliant while others were just plain wrong. Nevertheless, the latest innovation was available from every shop but now they’ve come off the shelves and are no longer on general sale.

Here are 15 of our childhood favourites that have sadly slipped into obscurity:

#1 Cadbury Dream


Everybody loves Cadbury’s chocolate, so naturally a white chocolate version would be a good idea? Hence the Dream was born, and it should have been a storming success but something happened.

Something very bad. Apparently the demand for Cadbury white chocolate wasn’t quite as big as they anticipated and the product ceased to be manufactured just a year after it was released.

#2 Penny Sweets


While Penny Sweets may still be around, they don’t cost anywhere near a penny anymore and they don’t quite taste the same either. That’s probably a result of removing the ridiculously high sugar count and abiding to EU regulations surrounding food fit for human consumption. Even still, there are plenty of companies out there doing their best to recreate these retro sweets to their former glory.

#3 Candy Necklaces


Evan-Amos under CC 2.0

You can still go out and buy candy necklaces, but they definitely seem to have an age limit on them – it looks a bit strange seeing a 40 odd year old man munching on sweets that he’s wearing. Sure, they never tasted the best, but the wearable food was definitely part of the charm so when that goes out the window this sugary sweet is no longer desirable.

#4 Black Jacks


If marmite made sweets then they’d have been Black Jacks, these well-known sweets were aniseed flavoured and made your tongue go black! You can still get Black Jacks but their awesome Pirate logo is now replaced by a boring swirl design. Unless you had a real passion for these sweets, chances are you haven’t had one in a very long time.

#5 Brown Jazzies

Remember those delicious chocolate buttons that were covered in brightly coloured sprinkles? They were awesome! They always looked best packaged in block bottom cellophane bags, making it almost impossible not to buy them.

#6 Frozen Jubbly


While technically a drink rather than a sweet, a Frozen Jubbly was one hell of a treat that everyone enjoyed! The beauty of the Jubbly however was the pyramid shaped packaging, where you cut off one corner to slurp the ice lolly away.

#7 Candy Whistles

Who doesn’t want a sweet that whistles? Boring people, that’s who! They really missed a trick not calling these “Toot Sweets” in a nod to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but regardless they’re still as fun and tasty as ever.

#8 Flying Saucers


Flying saucer under CC BY 2.0

Easily the best thing that has ever been made; sherbert in the middle of a melt-in-your-mouth outer shell. It’s hard to find flying saucers on the shelves anymore, but there are plenty of places that these can be found online.

#9 Cadbury’s Curly Wurly

curly wurly

#10 Dip Dab

Was there anything much better than sticking a tasty strawberry lolly into a fizzy lemon sherbert powder? Possibly, but we can’t think what it could be right now.

#11 Fried Eggs


Remember when you could get JUST fried eggs if you wanted them, rather than having to buy an entire pack of Haribo? Gone are those glory days, but you can still get fried eggs in the pick and mix selection.

#12 Sherbert Fountains

sherbert fountain

Mrpbps under CC 2.0

Almost as good as the Dip Dab but with a liquorice dipping stick that wasn’t quite to the taste of everyone. They changed the packaging over the last couple of years so it’s now a plastic tube, which doesn’t quite have the same effect.

#13 Shrimps and Bananas

A truly winning combination and thankfully something that can still be easily bought. These two fantastic sweets matched together in see-through cellophane food bags were the reason mothers would avoid certain shops when they had kids in tow.


#14 Sweet Peanuts

If you can still get your hands on Sweet Peanuts then you’re extremely lucky! This cracknel centred delight is harder to find in shops than a unicorn in the wild… or a unicorn full stop really. Anybody still making these please get in touch ASAP!

#15 Cola Bottles


You can’t have a list of fantastic childhood sweets without mentioning Cola Bottles. Sure, you can get them pretty much everywhere but they aren’t quite the same as they were when we were kids. It’s hard to pin down why, but something has definitely changed.

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