Street food is a booming industry, and not just for festivals. Office workers are getting into the street food spirit, hungry to try different dishes and cuisines from around the world from pop up restaurants and vans outside their offices. Food packaging is also becoming a star in its own right; take a look at our top packaging design tips.

The street food scene is particularly popular in London, and this fantastic London Street Food Map plots some of the very best foodie destinations to visit in the nation’s capital. From Borough Market to Hyde Park, there’s plenty on offer for food fans in London and further afield.

Street food comes in many different types, diversifying and making summer eating exciting and mouthwatering.

We love to try out new dishes at Charlotte Packaging, and also look at new ways of packaging them! Here are just some of our top food packaging tips.

Keep it simple:

Using a simple packaging design to frame your product places the focus solely on the food that lies within. Boxes and greaseproof paper sheets are an ideal way to present food that stands upright or lying down.

Brand focus:

Play up the packaging design of your brand, showing consistency through every aspect of your public facing work. From food packaging to the street truck itself, show off your branding with pride!

Space for personalisation:

Make the experience a personal one for your customers. Try using stickers for space to write in the name of the customer who is ordering your products, or leave space within the design of your greaseproof paper or box to handwrite in the order.

Be creative:

Customers want a fun, creative time when ordering street food, and packaging can form an important part of the experience. Think of innovative ways to engage with customers, such as printing the menu on the takeaway paper bag or using food packaging that can hold all parts of the snack in one go.

Ease of use for customer:

Above all, choose food packaging that is hassle free for the customer. Think about what is easy to hold, transport, avoids food spillage and can be recycled when finished!

Charlotte Packaging provides personalised food packaging for a range of street food businesses. For further information on how we can help you with your packaging needs, contact us on 01495 361877.