pantone ultraviolet

Every year, the Pantone Colour Institute selects their colour to set the trend for the months ahead.

Based on analysis of design, food, fashion, arts and entertainment, Pantone select a colour that is a reflection of not just what is trending, but what sets the design agenda. This year, Pantone have selected Ultra Violet of 18-3838 as the colour for 2018. Described as ‘provocative and thoughtful,’ the Ultra Violet shade embodies individuality and spirituality.

Purple is often associated with wealth, power and royalty, with many luxury and high-market brands using the hue for their packaging. The colour has long been symbolic of artistic brilliance, making it a perfect shade for creative food products and items in the lifestyle space.

Purple in particular, is a great colour for luxury treats like confectionary, beauty items and lifestyle products that convey sophistication. In the food sector, the colour purple is particularly synonymous with Cadbury’s a great British brand whose distinctive colour scheme has not changed since its creation in 1905.

As consumers become more interested with the power of colour, designers and brands should embrace and implement colour to attract and maintain consumer attention, using it to convey the ethos of a brand’s story, USP and product ranges. Expect to see luxury goods companies embrace the power of the colour purple in 2018.

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