Packaging premium Christmas products

The holidays are made for luxury, and packaging premium Christmas products is a particularly important part of the process.

Brands know just how vital packaging is to the success of their products. 49% of customers in a recent survey agreed that branded packaging made them more excited about opening an item, whilst 44% said that packaging reinforces that a product is worth the cost.

Premium packaging is important for food brands and also companies in the lifestyle sector that sell luxury goods. Whilst staying true to their brand, including festive elements and getting into the Christmas spirit is an important technique for companies to capitalize on the opportunities that the holiday season brings.

So what are the practical ways that brands can package premium holiday products? Our top tips will provide some inspiration:

Reflects brand story and vision: giving back to the community, especially at Christmas is an important corporate social responsibility pledge for many businesses. Many retailers refresh their Christmas packaging to inform customers that their purchase will include a percentage of a donation to charity.

Include extras: companies can show that they are embracing the Christmas spirit and treating customers by including extras in their parcels. Small gifts like postcards, trinkets or edible gifts such as foodie samples make welcome extras- and are a nice thank you for business!

Personalisation: for smaller businesses, including a note or personalised message from the brand owner or packer is a great way to add a direct touch. This can go a long way in generating brand loyalty and making the customer feel valued.

Promote sustainable packaging: with customers looking for eco-friendly packaging options, brands should seek to include green elements within their packages.

Heritage: premium brands know that their story and heritage helps to sell a product. Retailers like Fortnum and Mason, Selfridges and Harrods tap into their strong consumer history, including designs of their building on biscuit boxes and including red ribbon with their logos on hampers and other gifts. Other premium brands can follow their lead by exploring how their heritage and unique story can be included across Christmas lines.

Christmas iconography: including traditional Christmas iconography in normal packaging is a great way to retain brand familiarity and add a festive twist. Try incorporating Christmas trees, snowflakes or presents into packaging for a jolly take on your everyday branding.

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