With so much creativity clogging up the market, attempting to design your own food packaging can be quite the challenge.

If you are in this phase of your product development, take a look at our tips for standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Have Clear and Concise Brand Values


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These days, image simply just isn’t enough. In order to catch the attention of your average shopper, you’ll need to prove yourself.

Having clear values printed on your packaging is a sure fire way to build brand trustworthiness. At the same time, don’t print paragraphs of information as attention spans are short when you’re rushing around a supermarket.

If you’re setting out to design your own food packaging, then you have a great opportunity to put some personality into your artwork.

Having said this, don’t go overwhelming everyone with your environmental mission or dedication to funding school’s in Africa, just a few simple straightforward words will be enough to convince your potential customers that you’re worthy of their cash.

Take a Note of What the Big Brands are Doing


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There’s a reason why some brands dominate the market while others fade into obscurity. There’s no shame in taking note of what they’re doing and how they’ve got their branding down to a fine art.

This doesn’t mean your product’s originality will suffer as a result either. Market research is an integral part of any business, and seeing what others have done right, or wrong, will only strengthen your attempts to stand out.

Show Your True Colours

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Deciding on what colour your packaging should be goes much deeper than what looks good, or how you can appear different to what’s already on the shelf.

Colour psychology in marketing is pretty commonplace nowadays, so taking the time to think about what your target market wants to see is most definitely a must.

Alongside this, if you’re looking to have a range of products then colour consistency is also key. Colour increases brand recognition by approximately 80% so, if nothing else, make sure you hone in on one or two prime colours that will then represent your brand.

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